If you are an E-ZPass Customer and have received a violation notice(s), then one of the following situations may apply:
  • The transponder is not mounted properly in your vehicle
  • The transponder has been reported lost or stolen
  • The transponder is malfunctioning
  • Your account balance is negative
  • Your vehicle windshield blocks the transponder signal requiring that you use an externally mounted transponder
  • Your current license plate information has not been added to your account or it is not listed correctly
  • You have not registered an On-the-Go transponder and you have exhausted the available funds
Please contact the E-ZPass Service Center at once to update your account information and receive instructions on how to correct the problem at 1-888-860-9361.
You may contact the VA Toll Violation Processing Center by calling 1-888-860-9361.
Payments for Violation Notices received from the VA Toll Processing Center are due within 30 days of the Issue Date on the notice. Please refer to the Violation Notice for the specific date the payment is due by.
To appeal a Violation Notice issued by the VA Toll Violation Processing Center, please refer to the , “Disputes” section on the Violation Notice. The Dispute reasons are listed along with required documentation needed to support the dispute.
If you are an E-ZPass customer, you may dispute a violation by clicking the link below.
If you fail to pay your final notice, the violation escalated to the collection agency. If you received a call/letter from the collection agency (Professional Account Management, LLC) and have any questions or would like to make a payment please call Professional Account Management, LLC directly at 1-866-424-9136.
It can take approximately 24 to 48 hours for an unpaid toll to appear in our system. For roads supported by the Virginia Toll Processing Center, you will have up to six days after the toll to make a payment via the Missed Toll feature. After that, it is up to each particular toll facility’s internal policy as to when an unpaid toll will escalate to a violation notice
We are not able to set up a payment plan. If the violation is not paid in full and there is a balance left it can still escalate to the next level.

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